Alex Shamash – Race Technician

Cars are my passion, faster the better. Speed gives me a high man sending my adrenalin shooting.

I, Ralf Alex Shamash, work as a Motor Trade Rally & Race Technician in Northampton. But in my spare time, I work on creating dream machines; revamped sleek cars. What I love most is revamping & customizing old cars that look and work damn good as brand new ones. Over the years, have got my fare share of success. In fact my customers always turn up with their friends for a customized car. It’s fuckin freaky yet a thrill to hear people say that Alex Shamash is the best when it comes to customizing cars. As a kid, I was never good at anything. In fact, I was born with dysfunctional problem that improved o’er the years and here I am today doing what I do best.  

Right now am working on a 1991 Audi Avus Quattro. This project has been on for a month now. Plan to wind it up in a week. I plan to start a workshop of my own soon called Alex Shamash Motors and carry out full fledged revamping and customizing of old cars.

My fav in fast cars is Bristol Fighter, the fastest front engine road car ever made. The Bristol Fighter S has a massive 8-litre V.10 engine and no doubt a massive £200,000 price tag to match. I absolutely luv it and some day soon, plan to own one. In fact am saving up for that.

By this time next year, I shall be zooming by in my own customized Bristol Fighter.

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